Battle of the lip balms

As I have mentioned before I am a dry person. So my reason for living is lip balm. Here are mine and how they all stack up against each other.


This is American but you can get it in the UK. They usually come in bigger tubes here. But these are so good. They’re not sexy and exciting but there’s something very cool about that I think?

It moisturises for a really long time and has minimal further cracking.

It’s a very thick, petroleum liquid with no scent.

It’s also good for literally everything. I use it to smooth my brows if I need it or as a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones. When it gets really cold I also use it as moisturiser around my nose.

Pretty good value, usually around £6



Obvs I’m obsessed with this brand.

I got the birthday balm because I LOVE glitter. The tiny flakes in this don’t feel scratchy and also are very minimal. It doesn’t look like anything unless you put loads on.

Smells very heavily of vanilla birthday cake. If you don’t like that, stay away.

Very thick nourishing formula. This lasts forever seriously I barely need to reapply, which I love.

High cool factor, obviously. Great packaging.

Kind of expensive for a lip balm – £10.

You can use this for other areas but because of the glitter I wouldn’t. I definitely would with the original however.



I got this because it said Queen Bee and I like anything honey/bee themed.

Really nice light honey scent.

Very cheap.

Thin petroleum jelly. You guys know what Vaseline feels like.

Love the packaging but the lid is a nightmare to get off if you have slippery hands?

This makes my lips chap so bad! Vaseline is not a dry skin supporter okay. But I like the tin so I keep it around.


Nuxe Rêve de miel

This is so thick and so rich. Like literally rich. It’s around a tenner which is pricey like the Glossier and when you put it on you feel peak fancy lady. I put this on before bed sometimes and then spray my pillow with lavender sleep spray and it’s like I don’t have any problems.

Orangey rich smell. Did I mention? It’s rich.

Nice pot, not easy to transport in a handbag as heavy glass pot. This is a desk/shelf one, not super portable.

I get a bit of chapping with this so don’t like to reapply too often.


Clarins lip oil

This is in my lipgloss showdown but since it’s technically a balm it’s here too!

This is the most expensive lip balm I own and it’s like £18 please please don’t judge me I was sucked in.

Unbelievably luxurious applicator. It’s a huge doe foot applicator and feels like a hug on your lips when you put it on.

Very glossy and shiny.

This makes my lips crack too. So another one I don’t reapply super often. If I use it once then it’s fine but I find any more and things start to chap. Is that weird?


So there ya go! These all rank pretty highly because I throw out ones I don’t like. I have no time for shit balms (apart from you honey Vaseline).

Please send me recommendations always because I love spending lots of money on things I don’t need!


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