Catch Up

Hello hello!

I am so so sorry I have been AWOL for more than a little while recently…things have been a bit hectic!

I had my exams, then a couple of weeks of crazy – I was in a music video (so cool right), and had several end of year parties etc etc, then I went home for a week and now I am back up in Newcastle for the summer!

This summer I have been awarded a Research Scholarship by my uni, so essentially I am being paid to act like a real life grown up academic… My topic of research is titled ‘Beyond the Harem: Challenging Western Perspectives of Women in the Medieval Islamic Age’, which sounds very professional and is actually fascinating!

I am spending a lot of time holed up in the library so whilst I may not be able to go back to posting twice a week straight away, I will certainly try not to disappear entirely all over again…(hint to myself – be more organised!)

Whilst I sort out my life, you can always keep up to date on my instagram and twitter – cfwood and charlottef_wood respectively 🙂

I hope everyone is well and I have missed you all very much so lots of hugs all round.

Much Love


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