People you should follow on instagram

Obviously this is my favourite social media platform and here are some people I love to stalk on the internet

@annstreetstudio – Jamie is a photographer who moved to Provence just because. Her dreamy self portraits are my favourite things, as are her stories which are basically like a vlog, and the most magical thing about my day.

@charlottedicarcaci – This account is just close up images of old portraits, focusing on the depiction of the materials and the jewellery. For some daily inspiration it’s honestly wonderful.

@aniamilczarczyk – The best, and I mean THE BEST makeup artist on Instagram. I guarantee you will have seen some of her work before and been like ‘OMG the person is so beautiful and their skin is so glowy and bronzy and that’s how I want to look for the rest of time’ and it’s actually her brilliant-ness. I’m obsessed. No shade either – but seriously way better work than the classic full face plus brows plus winged liner thing that clogs up my explore feed. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO THAT! I do have time to stalk her obsessively.

@katiejanehughes – ALSO THE BEST makeup artist ever. She does the most informative live makeup sessions, gives great product breakdowns, and is a phenomenal teacher on techniques. She is quite literally the queen of dewy, glassy skin. I have learnt so much from her about how to apply skin products that’s its almost unbelievable. She also has a very excellent earring collection.

@1843mag – this is run by The Economist and is really interesting. They post about cultural/artisitic/scientific/just everything interesting stuff and do really great captions, that are long enough to explain but not too long to bore you. Highly interesting, highly recommend.

@joellehyman – a picture editor for Allure magazine with just very good taste. We also have the same skin-type, so I screenshot anything she recommends and add it to my ‘to buy’ list.

@kristiedash – on the Instagram beauty team. I love her indepth stories and I loooove her hair. I also love her product recommendations.

@ineslongevial – my joint favourite artist.

@alexandria_coe – my other joint favourite artist

@pollynor – the final joint favourite artist

@chateaugudanes – two Aussies bought a chateau back in like 2015 and are now doing it up. AKA – my life goals.

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