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Hey guys!

So in one of my last posts, I asked if you wanted to see a room tour as I’m now all moved in, and a couple of people said yes, so here you go!

I live in a student house, so things like carpet, wall paper, and cheap pale wood furniture are kind of non-negotiable, but I really like how my room turned out despite all of that! Also, I live in a student house in the student area of Newcastle, which is NOT like the student areas of other places. I know it’s not something that anyone takes into account when they are applying to uni, but it really can make a huge difference. The ‘student’ area here is actually the wealthiest suburb of the city. The houses are beautiful, very large, and very atypical! If anyone is considering Newcastle, I would seriously recommend it, as in your second year onwards you still live in such a safe, well-looked after environment, which is still only a 20 min walk from the uni.

Anyway, enough rambling, here’s my room!

As you enter I’ve got my bookshelves. I purchased these in my first year and they have been so handy. I used to use them as shoe storage (lol), but now I’m going into my last year, I’ve got a few more things that I need to read…

Folders and Notepads - Clas Ohlson
Folders and Notepads – Clas Ohlson

Then there’s my desk, which I LOVE! It’s so spacious which is fantastic, especially as I tend to spread myself out as I work. As a history student, I tend to read a lot of article and books whilst having to make notes so it really helps if I’ve got the space to spread everything out.

desk organisation 1 desk organisation desk organisation 3 desk organisation 2

These next 2 drawers hold a variety of random things. They both came with the room, as well as the desk. On the lower one I keep skincare products, and in the drawers nail polish, pjs, and swimming stuff.

beauty tidy

On the upper I have my makeup collection! I love how pretty it all looks laid out. In those drawers I have my hair products, scarves, gloves etc, sweats, and workout clothes.

beauty organisation beauty organisation 1

Then the window, which I keep a couple of candles and my makeup mirror on. Quick shout out to Primark for finally making some cheap candles that don’t just smell like vanilla or really sweet berries. I honestly cannot stand the scent (I really hate Yankee candles… don’t kill me) of so many highstreet candles, so when I saw these I had to pick them up. THANK YOU PRIMARK! I also like to do my makeup using this mirror, as the daylight is brutal on my skin, but does ensure I’ve got everything blended!

window ledge

I used a picture of my bed when it was dark so you could see what it looked like with the fairy lights! I absolutely love it and think it looks so cute, like a little den. The light is also really bright so I can read in bed with these on without having to turn on my sidelight and feel like a fairy queen or something. Remember, you’re never too old to feel like a fairy queen.

Bedding - Primark
Bedding – Primark

At the end of my there’s my laundry basket, which is a bit full atm woops, and some more shelves that are mine. I use these to store my jumpers as they are so chunky and don’t fit in to the really narrow drawers, as well as spare sheets for my bed.

Clothes organisation

Okay so this part came with the room and goes back to the whole ‘I do not live in a typical student house’ thing….my shoe wardrobe! I honestly cannot believe I have this in my room. YES! It’s the perfect home for all my lovely shoes (I know I have a lot, don’t judge), and also the little hooks are perfect for my necklaces to stop them getting tangled!

Shoe cupboard shoe organisation

Almost there! My wardrobe is next, where I obviously hang everything up. I also keep my bags along the bottom and clutch bags on the top, next to some more used scarfs and makeup bags. On the top I just have 2 red boxes that I use for random storage!

student wardrobe student organisation student room organisation

And lastly, my chest of drawers! Here is where I keep all the rest of my clothes. I also have a cute mirror and even cuter lamp on the top to brighten up the corner is it gets a bit dark, which I’m sure it will when it gets to autumn and winter. Sidenote again – I am so excited for autumn. I mean summer is great but autumn is the best season there is. Cannot wait for cold crisp days and cosy nights. Anyone else agree?

Lamp - B&Q
Lamp – B&Q

And there is my room! Let me know what you think, and if you’re heading to uni this September then hopefully this has given you some decorating ideas!


If you want to know where anything is from that I haven’t mentioned, or a closeup on my desk, wardrobe etc then please let me know as I had so much fun writing this!

(Sorry this was a little image heavy!)

Much love,


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