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Hello again!

So, in my previous post I talked about my massive summer shop. Because it’s a bit large, (whoops) and I want to give proper attention to everything I got, I’ve divided it up into makeup I got on the day, makeup I ordered, and then a lookbook, which will be up after these! This is part 1 of the Makeup Revolution order, which will be about the lip products I got, and then part 2 will be on the 2 palettes I picked up! This way I can also give you all some mini reviews and first impressions without creating a 10 minute long post…

I ordered this a week ago, which to me seems such a long time to wait – I have been so so excited, staring out the window for the postman every day. It finally arrived about an hour or so ago and I have been jumping round like a loony trying everything on ahh! So here’s what I got:

First up I picked up the Amazing Lipliner in the shade ‘The One’. This is creamy and very neutral, I’m not sure if it may be a tad too yellow toned for me, but under the liquid lipstick I got I reckon it will be fab.

Then there’s the Lip Lava in the shade ‘Forgiven’. I have seen soooo many people compare these to the Too Faced liquid lipsticks. I don’t have one so I can’t say if they’re a dupe or not, but from what I’ve seen of the comparative swatches, they look pretty close colour wise!


The packaging does look very similar to the Too Faced, and I love the applicator – it’s like a mini sponge and helps the lipstick glide on so nicely, as well as making sure there isn’t too much product!

Seriously though, why did I not pick up more? There are only 5 shades I think and I wish I’d bought the pale pink one too at the very least. I LOVE THESE. They are so moisturising, so pretty, and this shade is the perfect nude. It’s not too pale for me – I have really pigmented lips so I tend to stay away from pale nudes. Ugh I’m so in love. If I weren’t currently on a spending ban I’d pick them all up ASAP.


The only downside so far (I haven’t worn any of these lip products for a long period of time so I’m not sure how they wear), is that if I’m not careful in applying it I do get that line on the inside of my lip, so if you’re going to wear this out it definitely is one I’d recommend taking in your bag for touch-ups! However for me the creaminess and colour far outweigh any negative-ness that this brings!


Next is the Liphug in ‘Let’s Raise the Bar’. I’ve already talked about how much I love these here, and the formula seems to be the same, so again I’m very happy with it! This one is a brighter orange-y pink, so perfect for summer. Because it’s a bit brighter than the pink/nude colours I have, I can’t swipe it on without a mirror, but I still love love love it. The only downside I’d say is that to cap does come off pretty easily – I would recommend popping this in a makeup bag instead of the bottom of your bag, so it doesn’t pick up on all the dirt and weird stuff that seems to accumulate in handbags…

Let's raise the bar It's got a much stronger orange undertone in real life that the camera isn't picking up!
Let’s raise the bar
It’s got a much stronger orange undertone in real life that the camera isn’t picking up!

Finally is the iconic Pro Lipstick in ‘Somewhere Out There’. The packaging is kind of a Mac dupe, but much larger and of course slightly less well made. They do however have the lip colour on the bottom, so if you picked up a whole lot of them (I wish I could do this), then you’d still easily be able to tell which one was which.


This one is another orange shade, but the Iconic Pro’s are a new formula. Oh my god I love these, another one that I should have picked up more colours in! To say that they are creamy would be an understatement, these just glide on so well you barely feel them. Again, because of the bright colour care has to be taken – I’m glad I picked up an orange lipliner to go under this – but the end result is beyond worth the little bit of effort. I would highly recommend this, for 2.50 it works like a much more expensive product.

Somewhere Out There
Somewhere Out There

So that’s part 1 out the way, stay tuned for part 2 which will be up tomorrow!

top to bottom: Let's raise the bar Somewhere out there Forgiven The One
top to bottom:
Let’s raise the bar
Somewhere out there
The One

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution lip products?

Much Love


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