The Haul – treatyoself!

I’ve been saving up for a long time for a BIG summer shop. And it was BIIIIIIG. Seriously, I think the only way to make this manageable is to divided it up, so I’m gonna do a beauty haul of what I got now, and then a ‘lookbook’ with all the clothes I got! Note to self – swatching multiple lipsticks and then trying on mainly white clothing is not a good idea….

I also have a Makeup Revolution order coming too (I told you it was big aha), but I’ll do a separate post for that so I can be more detailed with all of the products and not have crazy long posts! Also I’ll do more in depth reviews on the products after I’ve used them for a while!

Here are the beauty bits I picked up:


  1. Makeup Academy Pro-Base Fixing Mix

I’ve never had a fixing mist before but this was only a fiver, and I was excited to try it. It smells really good, but I’ll hopefully get a good idea of how well this works this weekend, as I’m going to a wedding!

  1. Loreal Color Riche LeKajal

This was a bit of an impulse purchase when I was in T.J. Hughs, (seriously, what a store). My liner that I was using before was just the Natural Collection’s black one, and I wanted to see if this was better at staying!

  1. The Eraser Eye by Maybelline

Everyone under the sun raves about this concealer! I was using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, but I was seriously disappointed with the coverage and staying power and really didn’t think it was very good at all. This hopefully will do the trick with my crazy under eye bags! I tried it when I got home and so far I’m really happy with this product!

  1. ColorMates brow and brush comb

Another T.J. gem – this was only 99p. I just grabbed it for the days when I’m not wearing any makeup at all, but still want to brush my brows through.

  1. Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown

I love this product – you can read my review here  – but I wanted to pick it up in the darker shade, just for those days when I want a stronger brow.

  1. W7 The Big Five lipgloss in ‘Hint of Pink’

Seriously, T.J. Hughs has my back. Grabbed this for a few quid instead of a more expensive highstreet brand and its perfect. Just needed a good, easy pink to wear whenever I needed a subtle lip colour.

  1. Collection Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner in Black and Teal

I feel really bad cheating on my Seventeen liner, which is unmovable and brilliant, but I wanted to try a felt tip liner as it might be slightly easier to apply. After I saw Ana from Ravishing Roses say it didn’t move at all, I knew I wanted to give this a go. I also grabbed the Teal because it’s summer so why not eh.

  1. Barry M Lip Liner

I don’t know if this has a name, but it’s the orange one. I ordered 2 orangey lip colours from Makeup Revolution and so wanted a lip pencil to go underneath. This was the only one I could find, and the consistency doesn’t feel great, but hopefully it will work better once it’s warmed up a bit.

  1. Duo Lash Glue in Dark Tone

I bulk buy my lashes off Amazon, so I need glue. Simples!

  1. Clearly Youthful Retexturising Glycolic Peel Off Mask

I have completely changed my skincare routine using only products from this range, so I picked up the mask. I’m going to do a complete review and post with before and after pictures when I’ve been using the products for a little while longer, so stay tuned for that!

  1. Loreal Collection Privee by Heike

Again, T.J. Hughs!!! I wanted a pale easy pink to slap on whenever and I think this was 3 pounds. Bargain. So far, so creamy!

  1. Seventeen CCream in Light

If you’ve read pretty much any of my posts, you’ll know that this is my favourite brand ever. I grabbed this to wear in the summer as a lightweight alternative to foundation, and can’t WAIT to do a proper review on it. I popped some on as soon as I got home and it is beautiful.

Sooo… that  is the end of part one of the crazy haulage… Have any of you tried these products? I’ll try and get the outfits up as soon as possible, but the weather is currently awful so I can’t get any good pictures!

Hope you’re all well, and much love


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