The Holiday – Travel Style

Hi guys!
After a couple of pretty manic days, I’m finally off on holiday! I have been a bit absent from WordPress in the past week and I do apologise! I’m hoping to post holiday updates as I will have wifi, but won’t be able to reply to comments or view other people’s posts as often as I do, which I am very sorry about! 
But anyway, for these holiday posts I’m thinking of doing a sort of outfit diary/general day summary too.
Today we drove to our halfway point in France and tomorrow we’re finishing it off, so these outfits aren’t gonna be very exciting! The B&B we are staying at however is adorable, there’s a courtyard with a cat, which is all I need to be happy. It’s also really really hot, which for a poor pasty British person like myself is a bit of a shock after months of drizzle! Can’t wait to get to the house tomorrow and jump in a pool. 

 Anyway, here’s what I wear whenever I travel pretty much anyway. These harem pants are super light and really comfy, which is just what you want. 
And I’ve already found a Sephora so that’s off to a good start! 
Hope you’re all well,
Much love


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