The How To – Get Ready For A Night Out!

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’m a pretty terrible student. I very rarely go out because I am NOT good on lack of sleep – I really cannot concentrate well if I’m tired, and doing well academically is of huge importance to me. Also, I swear I get the worst hangovers!

However, I’ve had a few 21st’s this semester already and some more to come too, so I thought I’d tell you guys how I do it!

21st birthdays are always a much bigger deal than your standard night out, so a tad more planning goes into them than just throwing on a pair of shorts and heading out the door, which is what I would do for just a standard night!

I begin the week with a mask (which you can read a review on here I find this helps give your skin a little extra boost, which you’re going to need!IMG_0727

The night before an event I will then use my sleeping pack to make sure my skin is properly hydrated, and also slather on lots of hand cream on my hands and neck just to really feel pampered.

Vanpir Dark Repair Cream by Ladykin
Vanpir Dark Repair Cream by Ladykin

If I have to do my hair then I’ll leave about 2 hours in the evening just to be sure and so I don’t feel rushed! I will shower, shave, moisturise (my favourite is the Dove pro-age as it makes my knees less red, which is one of those weird things I’m self-conscious about). In the shower I will also cleanse using my foaming cleanser to clean off whatever makeup I’ve had that day. Before this party my skin was also looking a tiny bit patchy, so I exfoliated afterwards using my Tony Moly Appletox Massage pack.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream by Tony Moly
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream by Tony Moly

Read a review of my skincare products here ! Depending on what I’m wearing, I might also pop on some instant fake tan. I love instant as if it goes wrong you always have time to run in the shower again and rinse it off!

Once my body is all ready to go, I’ll moisturise my face before my makeup, and then dry my hair so it has a chance to sink in. I’m pretty terrible at hair so I’ll usually just blow dry it half dry then leave it with a bit of a curl in, or straighten it completely.

Then the fun part – makeup! As its spring I’m going for a soft pale eye with a nude lip to go with the more ‘dressy’ dress, and for the other more casual house party I wanted a more dramatic look so went for fluttery lashes and red lipstick!



If I’ve fake tanned then I’ll deviate from my beloved Seventeen foundation and use the Loreal Eau de Teint. I do also really like this foundation, but it’s a teensy bit dark for my usual pale self (even though I have the palest shade of this too…vampire skin for life!). It’s a bit lighter in coverage than the Seventeen so I may use some of that as a concealer underneath my eyes if I have to, and also bronze my cheeks. I love a fresh and dewy look for skin so I will always use highlighter and a shimmery blush too to make sure that I’m glowing.

For something like a 21st I will have decided what I’m going to wear in advance, so getting dressed is really just a case of slipping it on!

Top – BooHoo Jeans – H&M Shoes – Primark Earrings – Accessorize
Dress – PrettyLittleThing Shoes – BooHoo

And there we go – ready for a night out! Until my feet hurt and I am craving cheesy chips that is…

What are your getting ready rituals?

Much Love xoxo

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    1. It definitely all depends on how much time you have, benefit of being a student with low contact hours! I will probably do a day to night look in the future too 🙂 thank you chica! Xoxo

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