The How To – The simple bronze eye you need!

Hi Guys!

So I was in a rush and wanted something nice but neutral to just to pop on my eyes, and I came out with this! It’s super easy, requires only 2 products, and can be achieved in seconds. It would be perfect for a day to night look too – I can’t wait to pair it with a dark lipstick in the autumn evenings!

Shadow - Seventeen shadow in 'Walnut' Cream - Maybelline 'On and On Bronze'
Shadow – Seventeen shadow in ‘Walnut’
Cream – Maybelline ‘On and On Bronze’

You don’t even need a brush – liberally coat your finger in the cream and apply it close to the lashline, smudging it up over a bit of the lid. The on the outer 3rd of half, apply the powder. I then picked up a brush and blended it up and out, applying a little more of the powder in the crease, but you can just push it out with your fingers if you’re in the bathroom at work or something!

IMG_3534 IMG_3535

And there we go! it does look more intense in real life, but is absolutely perfect I think for those in a rush times. To make it more evening-y you could also pop on a bit of brown liner and smudge it up, and a slick of black for something more defined.

Is this something you’d try? Let me know!

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