The Look: 90’s grunge

Hi guys! I was playing around with my makeup revolution matte palette and thought I’d do something that fitted in really nicely with the whole grunge 90s trend, but that was also really flexible – I would wear this look in the day or night, and in my opinion it looks like you’re not trying too hard but still like you’ve made a bit of an effort. Plus, it took me only 20 minutes to do so it’s a win all round!

I started with a clean base and mixed some of my Seventeen 25 hours foundation with my La Roche Posay moisturiser.IMG_0178 Usually I mix it with the Seventeen wow skin illuminating primer, but I wanted a more matte look to go with the whole grunge theme. I mixed the two on the back of my hand to also warm them up and make it more blendable, and then tapped it all over my skin, before blending in with a rounded kabuki brush that I got off ebay.IMG_0179

All the brushes I used in this tutorial apart from 2 ones from superdrug were from this set, and I love them! For ten brushes it was around 7 pounds, and they arrived within 2 days! I never really got into the whole expensive brush thing, these guys are so soft and do the job so what’s not to love?

My rounded kabuki brush, concealer brush, and blush brush
The two Superdrug eye brushes and then my tapered crease brush and fluffy blending brush

Anyway back to the tutorial… after that I just took a small amount of my wake me up concealer and blended that under my eye using a smaller slated brush.

I then grabbed my Revlon cream blush in ‘Charmed Enchantment’ to warm my skin up. Don’t be intimidated by the shade – it blends out really nicely and leaves a lovely super subtle flush. To do this I used a larger angled brush and I am loving this combination, the brush picks up product so easily and buffs it really nicely into my cheeks!IMG_0184

Now for the eyes. I am always  surprised with the amount of product that comes off so was a tiny bit heavy handed at first! These shadows are great and super pigmented, as well as being very blendable. Check out a review of the palettehere. Anyways… I first took the shade ‘Nutmeg’ over most of my eye and followed up with a bit of ‘Flaw’ just on the centre of my eye to brighten things up with the superdrug pro brush 11.

Then I took ‘Warm’ just above my crease with the small tapered brush and blended everything out with a fluffy brush.

Before and after blending 'Warm'
Before and after blending ‘Warm’

If you wanted a lighter day look you could completely leave it there and be good to go, but I wanted to add a bit more drama and of course play with some more shades, so I then brought ‘Earth’ just under the line I had made with ‘Warm’ and also in a ‘v’ on the outer corner of my eye, before blending this out.

Before and after blending 'Earth'
Before and after blending ‘Earth’

To finish, I mixed ‘Carbon’ and ‘Earth’ on a small slanted brush from Topshop (not pictured) and patted it along my lashline before smudging it out, and then took the remainder underneath my eye. I know thin brows were in in the 90s but I love the thick caterpillar brow look – hence why mine aren’t very neat as I am trying to grow them thicker! I just brushed them through with my maybelline brow drama (review here), to make them look bushier and a bit wild, and then to top everything off, I used my Seventeen Falsifeye HD for a couple of coats of mascara.IMG_0194

Nearly there I promise!


To give my lips that oh-so-trendy browny-nude look, I lined and filled them with the Maybelline Color drama pencil in ‘Nude perfection’ (another product I am in love with – they are so creamy and easy to use and really stay well on my lips, again review over here)IMG_0196 and then went over it with Makeup Revolution’s liphug in ‘When you came to me’.IMG_0197 I then tapped over my lips to blend them all together and et voila, grunge glam perfection.

Congrats if you’ve made it this far! Sorry for getting a bit rambly in there but I do get so excited sometimes haha. Hope you love the look guys, I can see this becoming my go-to super easily!

The finished look complete with a picture of me trying to be all moody…

Much love xoxo

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