The Look – Culottes

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Now then, culottes are scary. They’re one of those items that just seem to look so cool…but on everyone else other than you.

Well, that’s what I thought until I saw some for only 5 POUNDS (!!!!!) in the Primark sale, and thought I might as well give them a go. Turns out that holy mother they are the comfiest and easiest item to wear. Ever.

Here are 4 ways to wear this trend, and watch your outfits go from high street, to high fashion.

When you can’t be bothered:

This oversized vest brings in the long line trend and the trainers add an extra element of ‘couldn’t care less’ casual.

Vest - Urban Outfitters Bralet - Primark Trainers - H&M
Vest – Urban Outfitters
Bralet – Primark
Trainers – H&M


When you’re in the office:

So comfortable. Ideal for hotter weather too as the extra volume stops material sticking all over you.


Trench - Primark Shirt - Zara Heels - Primark
Trench – Primark
Shirt – Zara
Heels – Primark


Wear a bralet underneath to instantly take this from day to night!

Bralet - Primark
Bralet – Primark


And when you need to be in-between:

Apologies for the lack of ironing – living out of a suitcase without an iron is not so good for blog pics! The lighter fabric of the shirt and brown buttons makes this more casual than an office white shirt, but smart enough not to get in trouble.

Shirt - Primark Mens (size XL) Shoes - Primark
Shirt – Primark Mens (size XL)
Shoes – Primark


Hope this has inspired you to try out culottes!

Are there any other fashion items that scare you? Let me know!

Much Love


10 thoughts on “The Look – Culottes”

  1. Alright so this definitely did inspire me! I wouldn’t say that this particular article of clothing scared me but I was unsure about them as I have always seen them paired on a very casual note; which is not really me. BUT I LOVE harem/palazzo pants for the obvious reason of comfort which means that I for sure would probably love these even more. I especially like your office look and your office to night transitional look. Thank you for inspiring lovely!


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