The Look – It’s raining and I don’t know what to wear

I am awful at dressing for the rain. Considering I live in England I should have had all the practice I need by now, but nope. Whenever I see it raining outside I just want to go back to bed. Not because I hate the rain – on the contrary, curling up with a good book or podcast whilst you can hear it tipping it down outside is one of my favourite things. I just don’t like going out in it.

Sometimes you have to though, and on those days, this is the kind of thing I wear:

Whole outfit - Primark. I'm serious.
Whole outfit – Primark.
I’m serious.

Trench coat – much chic-er than a raincoat.

Umbrella – um, duh?


Heels – Bit of an odd one I know, but if there’s one thing I can’t stand its wet feet so I like to keep them elevated. That means chunky flats like my loafers, heeled boots, or in this case heeled sandals, because it was actually pretty warm on this day.


Layers – Rain doesn’t necessarily mean cold, but wet does. Make sure you’ve got lots to keep you snug when you do get inside and begin to dry off.


So there you go! What are your rainy day must haves?

Much love


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