The Review – ‘Boardroom’ by Topshop

What’s this you say? A review on a new product despite your epic haul to end all hauls only a few weeks ago?!

Aha. Well….maybe. But I can explain!

So on my shopping haul I really wanted a ‘griege’ lip, but couldn’t find one anywhere. Seriously, I searched everywhere online and there was nothing. THEN, I saw Mac were bringing out a ‘Stone’ lipstick, so I was like…perfect! I saved some money back so I could purchase it when it came out. I got up at like 730 to make sure I was the first at the store and they told me that it wasn’t being brought out yet until September.

So I obviously was devastated, and still wanting a kind of grey/brown lip.

And then….

I went into Topshop and saw this colour a few days ago and I was like thank the lord. It’s a little darker than what I would want, but it will have to do until I can get my hands on Stone, or even better, Colourpop’s ‘Tootsie’. Sidenote: WHEN will they have shipping to the UK?!

Anyway, I picked this up and apparently Mac’s Stone is coming out this Thursday….oops.

But oh well. This lipstick is awesome and I’m really glad I grabbed it. Honestly, there are not enough grey toned shades on the highstreet.

Topshop Lipsticks are always super creamy. Even this one, which claims to be matte, is crazy creamy. Because of this it does require work when putting on. I used a liner underneath – Essence’s lipliner in 05 ‘Soft Berry’, but I would also want to see it with like a concealer-ed out lip too. Because its so creamy it also is kind of sheer, so it took my a while to build up to a colour that I was happy with and also wasn’t patchy.

The patchiness is probably the main thing I’d complain about with this – its not major, but it does mean it takes longer to apply. I even used a lip brush, which I literally never ever do.

Anyway, once it’s on it does look GREAT. it wears off, but evenly. I ate supper with this on, and a toasted bagel AND a muffin (I was really hungry okay), and it did wear off slightly, but not in a really gross way. It also feels really moisturising throughout, which is amazing.


So there we go, a bit of a naughty impulse purchase…

What do you guys think? Anyone know of a paler greige shade I can get my hands on in the UK?!

Much love,


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