The Review – Falsifeye HD vs ‘They’re Real’

Hello! So, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ used to be my ultimate mascara which I always got for my birthday. Once I started wearing makeup more frequently, a tube of mascara no longer lasted me a year, and I felt unable to justify the price myself!

Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for another equally good mascara at a much better price, and I have found it!

I still have a sample ‘They’re Real’ in my makeup bag, so I thought I’d do a little post to show you how they measure up!

Note – my FalsifyeeHD is running pretty low, which is something that could have affected clumpiness.

Seventeen’s Falsifye is 6.99, whereas ‘They’re Real’ is 19.50, so you’re saving over a tenner, without any difference in product in my opinion.

Bother mascaras have a similar wand, with multiple thin plastic spokes, which make it very easy to coat all lashes. Seventeen doesn’t quite have the same ball at the end of the wand, but you could also save the wand from a sample of Benefit’s if you were really that obsessed with it!

They're Real ...... FalsifyeHD
They’re Real …… FalsifeyeHD
Benefit they're real mascara dupeThey’re Real is the left, Falsifeye on the right

As you can see, there is little to no difference. If anything, I prefer the cheaper option as it makes my lashes fan out much more!

As far as wear, they just don’t budge. Seriously, both of them are a nightmare to get off, and I have given up trying to totally remove my mascara every night – I know this is bad but I don’t have endless patience!

If you aren’t bothered about that though, I’d definitely recommend trying Seventeen’s out now!

What are your favourite dupes?

Much love


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