The Review – Famous x Eyeshadow Palette

Another review! Sorry for the fairly basic nature of all my posts but I have been trying out lots of new things and I just want to share them all with you!

I went to T.J. Hughs a while ago to try and find a new bronzer (review of which to follow) and I also ended up picking this little palette up, in ‘Smouldering’.


The reason I did was because of the burgundy shade … I have been looking for a burgundy eyeshadow for absolutely bloody ages, and I have finally found it!

With the first application it does come out looking a bit grey-ish, but this goes away instantly after the second ‘coat’.

These eyeshadows are great. I picked up the palette for 1.99 (!!!) and I am really impressed. They are super creamy and blendable, and the consistency reminds me a lot of Seventeen’s individual shadows. As I’m sure most of you already know, I am obsessed with this brand so any makeup products that are similar to it, I’m obviously gonna love.

Back to the palette – the shade range is pretty, aside from the burgundy I especially love the deep bronze/gold, which I think would look great over my Maybelline Color Tattoo. I can’t see myself getting much wear out of the peach shade, but as this was only 1.99, I’m not going to complain!

There weren't individual shade names but it's pretty clear which one was which!
There weren’t individual shade names but it’s pretty clear which one was which!

The shadows also last super well. I wore the burgundy on a night out where a lot of dancing was done, so I know for a fact that they are sweat proof!

   All in all I am very pleased with this random purchase – thank you makeup gods! Now I can finally recreate all those burgundy eye looks I’ve been pinning! If any of you have Pinterest then give me a follow – my link is in the side bar.

Much love xoxo

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