The Review – Glossier Body Duo

Another Glossier post because I’m obsessed.

Hi Glossier please love me!!!

Okay so when this launched I totally freaked out. Then I talked myself out of buying it because you know I’m not that much of a fancy lady that I can spend £20 something on soap and body lotion.

But THEN. I saw that they had made a special BIG PINK POUCH and that was it. It was mine.

Highly recommend the pouches for everything, but this review is about the product.

Firstly. I love the packaging. I’m a sucker for anything with a pump in the shower because it really is the best way to live. The squeezy moisturiser tube isn’t a pump, but I get that it means you get the most product when using a thick cream. Better than a pot anyway!

I’m a big fan of the plastic used in the squeezy tube. I know thats a weird thing to say, but it just feels really good. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a cool plastic.

I also love the scent. I’ve seen some negative scent reviews but honestly I think it’s fab. I’m less of a fan of the body lotion – but they both smell good. They also layer very well and leave you smelling really good clean but better than men’s shower wash clean smell. You know.

The soap is great – it really does foam and is genuinely moisturising. I didn’t notice it sooo much after the first try, but like a month into using it my skin is noticeably smoother. Even when my stubble is growing back in on my legs. And it’s November guys. November!

The body lotion is good too – a little goes a long way and it soaks in quickly and nicely. It’s also super rich and when I use both I feel like a rich millennial cool girl, which is definitely something.

Would I repurchase the lotion separately? I’m unsure. I mean, it’s lotion. And whilst I definitely agree this comes close to the top of lotions-that-are-moisturising-and-not-greasy, for your genuine actual monies worth I think the Nivea Soft is the best body moisturiser in the biz. But I definitely will be buying the soap again. Or shower gel. Whatever it is.

Go forth and spend lots of money on these things! Seriously, the big pink pouch is worth it.

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