The Review – Maybelline Brow Drama

I recently wrote about how Maybelline was a brand I was beginning to like again, and I said it was mainly due to their color drama lip pencils. This isn’t totally all their credit however, I am also loving their new brow mascaras.


I love a full, kind of wild brow look, and I find that colouring them in makes them sort of take over my face, and not in a good way. This brow mascara is perfect as it gives me a hint of colour and grooms whilst not over doing it. I use the shade ‘Medium Brown’, and there are 3 shades to choose from overall. I would be interested to see how the lighter colour works for people with blonde hair if anyone has tried it?


The brush has a rounder ball at the top, and then thins down into a pretty standard mascara wand. The thicker end is great for the square ends of my brows and then its super easy to just comb through the rest.

The mascara does keep your brows in place but it isn’t rock hard, so they can move throughout the day. If I had to pick one down side it would be that it could hold your brows a tiny bit more, but that’s really if I’m searching for something bad to say.

What do you guys like for your brows?

Much love xoxo

10 thoughts on “The Review – Maybelline Brow Drama”

  1. Been looking for something like this for a good while but never could being myself to pay out for the gimme brow, I think I might try this one out , I’m not a fan of the whole rock hard eyebrows so I think I might like this 🙂 thanks for the little review 🙂 xxx

  2. I use Benefit’s Gimme brow but have been thinking about trying this. Do you think its easy to apply? I was just a bit put off buying it due to the shape of the applicator! xo

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