The Review – Maybelline Color Drama

Hello hello! These have been some of my favourite lip products not just recently but probably ever so I’m super excited to share this review with you all.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of Maybelline, probably because I always think of their Dream Matte Mousse that everyone had and it just reminds me of early teenage self-esteem issues and foundation tide marks…

However, recently they’ve been climbing back into my good books, mainly because of these lip products!

I have 3, in the shades – ‘140 Minimalist’, ‘630 Nude Perfection’, and ‘410 Fab Orange’.


The packaging is really great, they’re super sleek and small enough to fit in almost any bag, which is always a plus if you need touch ups, and at 4.99 each they’re a great price too!

‘140 Minimalist’ seems to have a slightly different formula from the others, it is a teeny bit glittery, which makes it not as creamy for me and slightly harder to apply. The other two however are so so creamy, and the colour pay-off is insane. I normally don’t like matte lip products as I find them too drying, but I have none of those issues with these.

From Left to Right: Minimalist, Nude Perfection, Fab Orange
From Left to Right:
Minimalist, Nude Perfection, Fab Orange

The staying power is also great – I wore the ‘410 Fab Orange’ to a house party and didn’t need to reapply, despite constantly sipping on my wine throughout the evening. It transferred a tiny bit at first, but after a blot it was totally fine!

Out of the three, ‘Fab Orange’ is definitely my favourite. It’s much more red than orange in my opinion, but I feel like it really suits me as most reds are too pinky or plummy, which I don’t like as much.

410 Fab Orange
410 Fab Orange

‘Nude Perfection’ is pretty much what it says in the name – a perfect browny nude which is very in right now and also super wearable. This one also smells so so good.

630 Nude Perfection
630 Nude Perfection

‘Minimalist’ is just a really simple, low maintenance pink that I find great for when I want a nude lip.

140 Minimalist
140 Minimalist

Have you guys also picked these up?

Much Love xoxo

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  1. Ahhh! So I am definitely going to be picking up a few of these bad boys up today .. at the price of $4.99!!! Who would not! Also .. the color play off on your lips look amazing; I am in love with the Fab Orange and I would not at all mind testing the Nude Perfection. LOVE the packaging as well .. so excited!! Thanks for sharing lovely!


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