The Review – Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely lip balm


Bit of a random one today. I found this as I was going through my old makeup at home home, and found I had 2. So I grabbed one to bring to uni with my over the summer, on a whim. I’ve had these lipbalms in my collection for over a year but never really properly used them.

As all my dry friends out there will know, lipbalm = life essential. I do not have lovely moisturised lips all the time, especially if I’ve been wearing lipstick. Most lipbalms also have a really drying effect on me, so the search to find a good one is ongoing.


I have no idea how much these lipbalms are, as I got them for a present. Knowing Neal’s Yard Organics they are probably on the expensive side, so I’m very glad that these were a gift!

This lipbalm is AMAZING. Honestly, possibly one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s texture is really similar to Vaseline, so its fairly thin and a tad greasy, which I think is the original reason why this wasn’t one of my go-to’s before. However, the result has convinced me to keep going. My lips are soft, and feel almost more plumped up than ever.

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The pot is very small, so I’m a bit nervous that I will lose this! It’s thicker than the Vaseline tubs however, so you do get a LOT of product. I’m not quite sure if I’ll ever finish this, which is definitely a bonus in my book.

On tops of all that…it’s bee themed! And you guys all know how my I love ma bee stuff. A portion of the profits also goes towards ‘Save the Bees’, which is a great foundation that is so so important! Honestly, bees are more important than you’d think!

So there we go, have any of you tried this? What other Neal’s Yard products do you like?

Much love


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