The Review – Quick Fix Facials

Hi Guys!

Sorry I’ve been a bit AWOL, it was the last week of holidays for me and I had to get things ready for Newcastle, see friends and, I have to admit, I got addicted to 30 Rock… (damn you Netflix!).

But anyway, I am back in the North and have lots of ideas for the blog too! I’ve been picking up a few things so be prepared for hauls, lookbooks, and some tutorials too hopefully!

While I’m sorting my life out, here’s a quick review of a mask that I tried for the first time yesterday.


I normally stay away from clay based masks as I feel like they’re more formulated for oily skin, but I was intrigued by the calming claims of this one. After all the Easter chocolate my skin was breaking out and needed a bit of soothing!

The mask is very thick, as you’d expect, and they advise to smother it on before waiting 5-10 minutes and then washing off.

When I first put it on my skin was feeling very tingly and a tad uncomfortable, and I was going to just wipe it off straight away, but I didn’t because that often happens with my skin anyway and I was feeling reckless.

I only left it on for 5 minutes as I wasn’t feeling that reckless however, and afterwards it was looking the same as it always did, so I was a tad disappointed.

But… this morning my red spots had really calmed down and my skin was looking a LOT better. When I took my makeup off at the end of the day, it was looking even clearer!

I experienced a similar thing with the same brand’s Brightening Peel Mask – don’t expect instant results but by the next day you will really see a difference!

The best part is you can pick up these tubes for only a fiver at Boots.

Hooray for Quick Fix!

Have any of you tried their other masks? I wonder if you thought the same thing?

Much Love xoxo

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  1. I used the brightening one after using the other clay one for tired skin for the last few months. I am never disappointed with these, and as a guy I feel like you could easily get this for your boyfriend and he will like them too!

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