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Hello again!

Okay this was meant to be up Tuesday morning whilst I moved in…but things got a lot busier than I thought and it has taken me 2 whole days just to unpack! So sorry for the delay, but now I am in my new place and it’s amazing! Yaaay!

Anyway, I’ve mentioned a review of this is coming several times before, and a few people have said they are really looking forward to see what I think! The main reason why I have taken so long is because I couldn’t for the life of me, make my mind up. Part of my still isn’t totally sure about this product, I have a feeling I could either grow to love it or hate it!

But anyway, to the actual review! If you’ve read probably any of my beauty related posts you’ll know how in love I am with the brand Seventeen, and it kind of kills me that I can’t write a glowing review for this, because I do love so many of their products.

When I first tried this on, I loved it. It does make your skin look like skin, but kind of airbrushed or blurred, as if it just looks more glow-y. It claims to have a ‘matt radiance’ finish which I really like, and for a CC cream the coverage is fantastic.

Me in the same space both wearing the CC cream (with a little undereye concealer), and not wearing any makeup at all.


However, then I really stopped liking it. After you wear it for a bit, it does patch up and seemed to slide off my skin, which is a problem I have with pretty much every face product I have used, ever. Foundation recommendations for people with dry/weird/bumpy skin would be greatly appreciated! When I looked in the mirror kind of close up, it also seemed to settle in my fine lines and exaggerate them, as well as the bumps I have on my forehead.

In addition to all this, it has fine glitter particles in it, presumably the ‘radiance’ part of the matt radiance. When I noticed this I was really disappointed – I hate glitter in foundation a hell of a lot, which was one of the main problems I had with Rimmel’s ‘Stay Matte’. Actually, this CC Cream reminds me a LOT of this foundation, even down to the coverage. I also loved that the first time, then rapidly grew to hate it because of the glitter and patchiness. The glitter I feel goes a long way to the exaggeration of my skin’s faults. It by no means is visible to other people, but you know when you look in the bathroom mirror and examine your skin and then you’re just like…oh dammit.

Another thing which is not good is the colour range. It seems a bit weird calling it a ‘range’, because there are literally only 2 shades, ‘light’, and ‘medium’. I honestly do not understand why highstreet foundations are so limited, as someone with very pale skin I find it near impossible to get good matches, so for those with darker skin it must be a nightmare. Also, their ‘light’ shade is much too dark for my natural skin, I can use it only when I have a bit of a glow. In addition to all of this it’s got pretty strong pink undertones. I have naturally quite pink skin, so I hate using pink toned foundations as I feel it just brings out my redness.

However I love this brand, so I was tempted to try it out a few different ways and give it a proper chance.

The best way that I have found by a MILE, which actually makes it look good and not patchy, is to apply it without moisturiser, straight after cleansing. I use a cream cleanser which is why this may work for me, if you use a pretty stringent cleanser then I would recommend trying it with and without to see what works for you.

But yeah, no moisturiser makes this CC cream look much better, (which is what I did for the above picture), and last way better too.

I know this has been pretty lengthy but this product really confused me! At the moment I am enjoying using it, I love that I have a cream that I can pop on with my fingers if I’m running late. Having said that, I could decide that the sparkles are too much and give up on it.

So… to sum up, do I like this CC cream? Yes, but only without moisturiser. Will I continue to use it? Yes, definitely, though not on an every day basis. BUT – will I repurchase? Probably not. Although the coverage and price are both fantastic, I think I’d shop around a bit next time to try and find something less glittery!

Hope this has been informative for some, let me know if you’ve tried this too!

Much love


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