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For my first blog post I thought I’d start with a review of some of the new products I’d picked up recently! Whenever I buy new products I always always spend hours online reading endless reviews to make sure I’m not wasting my money – being a broke student isn’t fun!. This is what inspired me to start my blog – there are so many products that I love that I wanted to share with people!

I find that the longer I have a foundation, the worse it looks on my skin. Either my skin gets used to it or the formula changes over time or I just get used to it who knows, but anyway. I needed to get a new one and Boots also had a three for two offer on, so it would have been rude not to pick up a few things. I headed straight to Seventeen and oh my goodness was I blown away. Seventeen is one of those brands which is making a real comeback. I got their tattoo eyeliner ages ago which is just absolutely fantastic – I will never purchase a different eyeliner again. I was really interested therefore to see what else they had to offer, so without further ado:


Seventeen 25 hours foundation in Soft Ivory:

Oh my goodness. This foundation might just be my perfect foundation…ever. First off, the shade match is spot on. Since I’ve been buying foundation (around nine years…eek), I have never found a foundation that matches my pale skin, all have either been too ashy, too pink, too orange etc etc. This however, is so perfect. I have pretty pink based skin but I hate getting a foundation that brings it out so this looks so natural and pretty without washing me out or turning me orange.

Secondly – the formula. This is a thick, heavy duty foundation that absolutely is full coverage. I love that about it. I have never really found a proper full coverage foundation, as most highstreet ones claim to be medium to buildable. I’m really not a fan of buildable foundations – that may be because I’m not that good at applying it, but I always feel like they’re too heavy and I’m wearing loads. This however, is so easy to sheer out and when applied with a bit of caution it looks beautiful.

This foundation claims to be 25 hours and although I haven’t tested that out (yet – I’m sure I will fall asleep with my makeup on at some point…), but for the days I’ve worn it, it has lasted beautifully. Not only does it withstand crying and exercising, but it also seems to wear really nicely and get more of a glow as you go on without getting patchy, which is something I really noticed with my Rimmel Wake Me Up.

IMG_0156 ILLUMINATORThe next product I picked up was because I was aware that it was going to be heavy and so wanted something aside from my moisturiser to help sheer it out. I settled on the Wow skin 3 way highlighter. It claims to be a primer, illuminator, or a product to mix with your foundation. I don’t think I’d use this as a full on primer as it is pretty shimmery but it does look stunning dabbed sparingly on the top of my cheekbones. The main thing I use it for however is to give my foundation a bit of a glow. I mix the two on the back of my hand and I find the extra warmth really helps the foundation to blend more easily onto my skin. Plus, a little goes a really long way for both these products so they will last forever. On top of all this is the incredible prices: 5.99 for the illuminator and 6.49 for the foundation. I mean… what more could you want?!

The next thing I picked up was the Falsifeye HD mascara in blackest black. The thing I love about this is the brush – normally I’m more of a fan of thicker brushes but the thin spokes really help to comb and coat all of my lashes, including my bottom ones without smudging underneath. In IMG_0157 FALSIFYE MASCARA CLOSEDaddition to this it does not flake. I have a real issue with mascara flaking off my eyelashes but this one does not budge despite not even being waterproof. It’s great for lengthening, but less so for volumising so if you like really chunky lashes then you might want to layer it unIMG_0158 FALSIFYE MASCARA OPENder something or steer clear in general. However, I love this and it also builds really easily and nicely, three coats look amazing and it opens my eyes out fantastically.

The final Seventeen product I got was one of their mirror shine lipsticks in ‘Beehive’. I will admit, I saw the name and wanted it immediately. I’m pretty obsessed with bee/honey based or named products because, yknow, Beyoncé, but also because my Dad is a beekeeper so I feel like it ties into that too. In addition, the bee has been a pretty awesome symbol in folklore, so a lipstick named ‘Beehive’ is a lipstick I need to have. It also happens to be beautiful and so wearable. The formula is super sheer but you do get a good amount of colour on your lips that gives a lovely tint. I’m a big fan of glossy lipsticks as my lips are naturally quite dry, so it’s perfect to me. The colour also is a stunning my-lips-but-better one. As I have pretty pigmented lips I can’t really do the whole pale nude thing, much to my displeasure, so these dusky pinks are my go to lip shade.


As I said earlier, one of the reasons I wanted to get blogging was to give detailed reviews about the products that I love and these Seventeen products are definitely part of this! I would recommend anyone go and check them out because they are fantastic, the staying power of all their products that I have tried are actually brilliant so if you need anything to last (festival season I’m looking at you) then definitely definitely go and have a look!

Hope you enjoyed this guys, if you liked this then please let me know!

Much love xoxo

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  1. I love your post, it is so informative! The lipstick looks so gorgeous <3 And welcome to the blogosphere lovely! I can't wait to read more from you – I just followed you 🙂

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